The Reich TURBO combines all advantages of freefall-, compulsory- and tilting mixers to supply:

  • better mixing results
  • higher output
  • less wear and tear
  • less energy consumption
  • less maintenance with extended life-time

The heart of the TURBO is a paddle-shaft with rugged cast steel arms and mixing paddles. The mixing drum with the mixing blades runs counter to the mixing action of the paddle-shaft.

With the angled paddles and mixing blades and additional dimension in mixing is added. Over the full turbulence zone of the mixer a constant mixing speed of appx 2 m/sec exists which is ideal for a fast and homogenous mix.

The tilt angle of the drum during mixing is infinately adjustable and therefore allows you to mix the widest range of material imaginable.

The tilting device of the TURBO is equipped with hydraulic cylinders. All positions for filling, mixing and discharging are controlled according to the consistency of the mixture.

The system offers convenient central lubrication for important TURBO functions.

The central paddle shaft is sealed with an oil-filled labyrint type single shaft seal, which gives superior standing time as well as extremely low cost for maintenance and spare parts.

All functions are controlled by an easy to use panel.

The TURBO Mixer's modular design and wide range of sizes allows it to be used with all kinds of mixing plants. This makes it an ideal choice for new plants but also for up-dating exisiting plants.

Advantages at a glance:


  • Intensive mixing in very short time
  • Exceptionally homogeneous mix
  • Excellent results regardless of mix design
  • No segregation effects during prolonged mixing periods or through variations in mixing drum inclination
  • No destruction of constituents through squeezing or crushing as in conventional mixers
  • No increase of fines content of the mix
  • Capability of mixing coarse material with sizes up to 200 mm
  • No temperature increase in the mix, due to optimized use of energy
  • High and reliable mixture quality in batch quantities
  • No squeezing or crushing of the mixing elements, keeping wear to a minimum
  • No need to maintain spare of components subject to wear, since easily replacable
  • Approximately 50 % energy savings in comparison with conventional mixers
  • Low power input requirement relieves burden on electricity supply
  • No starting problems generally associated with the use of heavy-duty electric motors
  • Official approval tests for heavy-duty power plants simplified due to low input requirement
Maintenance and Safety:
  • No need to readjust mixing elements, therefore minimum plant down-time for maintenance
  • Automatic drum cleaning with water nozzles after every mixing process
    • No need to readjust mixing elements, therefore minimum down-time of plant for maintenance
    • Automatic drum cleaning with water nozzles after every mixing process
  • Emergency discharging of the mixing drum can be carried out by manual operation of the discharging drive system (optional)
  • Robust mechanical drive via drum ring gear

In comparison with conventional pan mixers (horizontal or vertical shaft), the Reich TURBO Mixer employs a number of special features:

  • The rotating TURBO mixing drum lifts the aggregate materials by means of side-mounted vanes. Materials are conveyed and mixed with a minimum of friction. Very little friction occurs along the interior of the drum to the final mixing area.

  • The mixing elements mounted on a central shaft are rotating to the opposite direction and ensure a through intermingling of the aggregates without driving them against the walls or even the reinforced section (an effect which is unavoidable with the conventional mixer types).

  • Friction consuming energy and causing heat is largely avoided. Generous distances between the mixing elements and the drum head and walls of the mixing drum prevent clogging and crushing of aggregates or mix that has set hard, even with large aggregate sizes.

  • The central paddle shaft is equipped with an oil-filled labyrint type single shaft seal. Instead of several sealings, TURBO requires only one. In addition with its innovative seal, this design dramatically decreases cost for spare parts as well as down-time for maintenance.

  • The Reich TURBO Mixer is particularly suitable for mixing dry (low slump) constituents. It is equally reliable for producing concrete to grades BI and B II, as well as mixes containing coarse crushed aggregates up to 200 mm size and any type of lightweight and non-standard concrete mixes.

  • The chosen mix-specification is maintained without variations, since the TURBO MIXER does not break or crush the material in any way which normally increases the surface area and content of fines of the mix. In addition, the process does not produce any rise in the mix temperature, which is unavoidable with pan mixers.

  • The circumferential speed of the mixing tools in all types of TURBO MIXER is less then 2 m/sec, which so is the ideal range for mixing speeds. Pan mixers only work with this mixing speed in a very small area, since their mixing speed ranges from almost 0 (middle) up to 4 m/sec or more (at the pan wall), depending on diameter.

  • The combination of these beneficial features contribute to a reduction in wear, enabling Reich to offer mixers capable of prolonged, trouble-free service life and much lower operational cost, less down-time for maintenance etc.

  • In addition, the exceptionally low energy requirement for the mixing and discharging process of the Reich TURBO Mixer guarantee savings of 40-50 % in comparison with conventional types of mixer.

  • With its compact configuration, the TURBO Mixer allows mixing plants to be built with an hourly capacity well beyond the output of conventional mixing plants. Supplied in a steel frame, the TURBO Mixer can ideally be integrated into any existing mixing plant adapting to all requirements.

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