Reich offers the only truly telescopic boom worldwide. The design is well proven: telescopic sections - known from mobile cranes - with a patented slewing mechanism for the concrete pipe provide added reach whenever needed.

Grows with your job: pump higher than anyone else - whenever you want to. Your TeleBoom® grows with your needs. Select the reach necessary for your job today, every day. It´s your choice.

Mobile: Reich TeleBoom® has the smallest foot-print and the lowest weight compared to its reach. This means: high reach on a smaller-sized truck. Faster arrival, faster set-up, easier to move. Finish the site quickly and go on to the next. Time is money.

Profitable: get the latest technology and substantial savings at the same time. "2 machines in 1" to adapt to your job requirements. Boom extends to help you save additional investment or rental-fees for a bigger pump.

Use TeleBoom® technology on high-rises, where you would have to install a stationary pump and boom over long periods of time. Instead, get better return for your investment by sending a mobile TeleBoom®, whenever concrete is needed.

Less Wear: use reach only as needed and save on wear and tear. All TeleBoom® wear parts are standard and can be sourced whereever you want to - from us or your parts supplier around the corner. No extra cost for special parts.

Safety: Reich TeleBoomŽ with proven components from the crane industry keeps you and your TeleBoom® on the safe side. Performance is guaranteed due to Reich field-proven controls: fully hydraulic, proportional.

This is how it works:

The TeleBoom® telescopes and retracts with 4 simple steps
  • extend boom, creating gap in pipeline
  • swing in additional pipeline
  • connect bottom
  • connect top

The couplings on top and bottom are supported by clamps that close automatically. The additional pipeline is completely sealed and forms an integral part of the normal pipeline.

The entire process is fast, fully automatic and hyraulically controlled. The TeleBoomŽ R-43 takes no longer than 1 min 20 sec to fully extend.

Before retracting the boom, all you have to do is use the sponge ball to clean out the pipeline. Then the additional pipeline is taken out again quickly and automatically by the reverse process. Whenever the TeleBoomŽ should be re-located within the same site, the process is even simpler, since the entire concrete can be kept in the system (optional).

The TeleBoom® is manufactured in Germany according to well-known Reich quality standards. TeleBoomŽ consists of a two- or more part telescopic first section and additional sections in roll-fold system. All boom parts are made from high-quality fine-grained steel. The telescoping is performed hydraulically, using a powerful and robust telescopic cylinder.

Reach new heights at considerably less cost and with faster return of investment. A favorable gross vehicle weight, higher mobility and flexibility are only some of the benefits. Get all these advantages without the shortcomings of conventional systems.

All functions are hydraulically operated and proportional. The control panel for the boom operations can be actuated either manually or by remote control.

Like all Reich pumps the TeleBoom® is designed to be easy to maintain and low on wear and tear. All maintenance points are easily accessible, maintenance work is quick and easy.

Regular service using the Reich Service Check-List will ensure superior standing time, long life as well as interesting re-sale value.

Your Reich concrete pump is a high-tech product and is manufactured carefully with special attention to on-the-job-performance. All functions of boom and pump can be operated independent of electric systems. The fully hydraulic control ensures an unsurpassed performance and trouble free operation.

Within the given overall dimensions and weight restrictions of modern trucks this system allows to add further telescopic sections reaching higher and further than ever before.

Unparalleled reach for unparalleled prices. Only the sky is the limit. The TeleBoom® - an innovative idea with great payoff.

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