VMR 4-28/24

Concrete Distributor Boom

VMR 4-28/24

Technical Data
Vertical reach m 28,0
Horizontal reach m 24,4
Max. depth m 19,8
Unfolding height m 6,4
Slewing range ° 370
Slewing rate 1/min 0,4
Max. outrigger
kN 140
Max. oil pressure bar 320
Max. diam. of
conveying line
mm 125
Max. length of
end hose
m 3,0
Arm length
Operation range
Arm 1 mm




Arm 2 mm




Arm 3 mm




Arm 4 mm





Technical Description - VMR 4-28/24


Boom Construction

The distributor boom is four-armed and designed as a roll-fold system. All boom sections are made of high-grade fine grain steel in box cross section design, consequently with low weight and high stability, ensuring maximum safety.

All boom functions are hydraulically operated.

A multi-purpose turntable and planetary gearbox ensure sensitive slewing of the boom.



Front outriggers in telescopic design, therefore minimum space is required during set-up. Two rear outriggers are hydraulically slewable. The outrigger system is based centrally at the main frame.

The position of the outriggers at the boom base guarantees high stability and safety at all outrigger spreads and small space requirements.


Concrete Conveying Pipeline

The concrete distributor boom is equipped with conveying pipes ( 125 mm, 5") made of highly wear-resistant material, and an endhose. The reduction is performed over a distance of 3 m or 18 ft to prevent clogging.

The pipeline sections on boom arms, joints and turret are connected with high-grade forged couplings.


Control and Safety

All arm functions are hydraulically operated and proportional. Two relief valves, mounted directly at the boom cylinders protect against overloading and hose or pipe breaks. Outrigger cylinders are protected via pilot controlled check valves.

The control panel for the boom operation can be actuated either manually or by remote control. The radio remote control enables proportional operation.


Remote Control

The cable remote control is safely protected in an impact resistant housing and ensures a comfortable operation.

A radio remote control for even more user-friendly operation can be supplied and installed any time.


Standard Delivery Schedule

Concrete distributor boom, ready for operation, with conveying pipeline and end hose for mounting with REICH pump unit on a suitable chassis. Priming and one-colour Enamel finish.



All sizes are minimal requirements; national laws must be observed.

S/wheel base



GG/total weight



VA/front axle



HA/rear axle



* Technical data are subject to change without prior notice.
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