RCP 16/100

Concrete Pump Cell

RCP 16/100

Technical Data
Max. theor. conveying vol. m³/h


Max. theor. concrete press. bar


Conveying cylinder diameter mm


Conveying cylinder stroke mm


Max. no. of stroke 1/min


Max. hydr. pressure bar


Concrete hopper l


Approx. filling height
depending on truck dimensions



Technical Description


Drive and Capacity Regulation

The hydraulic system works with an open oil circuit. The hydraulic pumps are flanged to a transfer shift gear, which is built into the cardan shaft of the vehicle, so that the full engine power is available.The regulation of the concrete capacity is conducted through a hydraulic valve located at the operator’s stand. This valve changes the transporting capacity of the hydraulic pump and therefore the output of the concrete pump. The flow can be varied infinitely. The valve is easily accessible.



The switching over of working and swing pipe cylinders is conducted through the reliable hydraulic sequence control in the main control block of the concrete pump. The pump is fully hydraulic, so that it may be worked under any circumstances.



The „floating“ S-Valve guides the concrete through a short, highly developed swing pipe directly from the conveying cylinder into the concrete conveying pipeline. This design is also lessening concrete deformation, pressure loss and wear on the line. It is designed without a reduction allowing optimal concrete flow and avoiding clogging. The S-Valve tube is composed of a highly wear-resistant steel casting. Continuous automated wear adjustment and an automatic centralised lubrication system in the S-Valve gasket insure long service life for the bearing and sealing surfaces.Wear and tear parts, e. g. spectacle plate and wear ring, can easily be exchanged.


Conveying Cylinders and Water Box

Conveying cylinders are made of hardened steel with inner walls thickly chromium-plated. Conveying pistons of special rubber are vulcanised to a steel core. The water box is for pressureless rinsing of cylinders and for changing the conveying pistons. It is easily and safely accessible.


Concrete Hopper

The concrete hopper with agitator guarantees easy concrete movement to the middle of the cylinder openings. The optimal supply situation ensures a high filling level of the conveying cylinder even when pumping harsh and stiff concrete mixes.


Water Pump

For flushing of conveyor pipeline with pressurised water and for cleaning the concrete pump a hydraulically driven water pump is fitted on the water tank.


Standard Delivery Schedule

Concrete conveying unit as described including:

  • Hydraulic oil filling
  • Priming and one-colour Enamel finish in RAL
  • Blow out disc with fittings for flushing of pipeline with pressurised water
  • Tool box with mounting tools, rubber cleaning ball, scraper
* Technical data are subject to change without prior notice.
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