Constant Flow


- Movement
- Energy
- Friction
- Wear
= Higher Efficiency

Reich offers the only pump unit that actually reaches a continuous concrete flow. Reich cures the cause for conventional pumping problems, rather than unsuccessfully doctering with so much more electronic.

This is how it works:

  • Suction cylinder and charger are loading while the other cylinder is conveying
  • Charger fills suction cylinder and compacts concrete. Result: 100% filling ratio
  • During shifiting cycle, the charger bridges the shifting gap by maintaining the pressure and transport in the conveying line.
  • The procedure starts over again when the other cylinder is loading.
Constant Flow Technology offers
    less wear: no pressure peaks- less energy due to reduced flow-speed and absence of acceleration
  • increased output since cycle time equals pumping time.
  • stable boom, due to no pulsation and re-acceleration

Reich Constant Flow Pump fits into every name-brand model. It is ideal to economically update your existing boom or stationary pump to gain all the advantages of true continuous pumping.

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