Concrete Pumps

Reich-pumps are made to last in any climate. All Reich pumps are designed to pump virtually any concrete, under any condition. Tough, reliable and sturdy, Reich pumps are mainly hydraulically driven, thus very service-friendly and easy to run.

Reich pumps are produced in Germany, known to be the home of the world´s best manufacturers.

All over the world, our pumps are a major alternative, offering unparalled advantages:

  Smooth but powerful pumping
  • Dynamic switch and starting action in the combination with pressure regulated pump or a flow path controlled pump system.
  • the power to handle the most difficult concrete mixes

  Non-Reducing S-Valve
  • No reduction in the proximity of the S-Valve
  • Industry standard conveying pipe
  • Reduction spread over a distance of 10' (3 m) from 8" (200 mm) to 5" (125 mm)
  • Easy access for maintenance or replacement e.g. split wear plates

  Speedy pouring process
  • Smooth and responsive actions with multifunctional movement control
  • Separate hydraulic circuits for boom and pump functions
  • Several boom functions can be actuated by the radio remote or manual control without interfering each other at the same time

  More power
  • Hydraulic pump directly driven
  • For booms, splitter gear box in the main drive line   

Less energy consumption
  • The truck engine is coupled with a governor control system only consuming the power actually needed.

Top name brand OEM components
  • Additional backup with world wide availability for parts and service

  Trouble-free operations
  • Well dimensioned open hydraulic system
  • Extra large oil cooler with hydraulic driven radiator fan

  Designed with maintenance
  and service in mind
  • Easy access to all major components e.g. conveying cylinders or the turret of the boom base.
  • Spectacle plate and cutting ring are virtually maintenance free and adjust automatically

  Extremely long service life
  • Durability of most components is well above industry average
  • Extra strong conveying cylinders: both hardened and chromium plated
  • Important wear part are armored with extra thick build-up welds for extremely hard surfaces
Many industry standard components
  • Another big advantage for those who have more than one brand of concrete pumps in their fleet.
  • High-wear parts often replaceable with vendors of your choice
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